Parenting is hard! We can help!

March 15, 2018


Being a parent is a selfless act. You give over your schedule, your life, your everything to these little beings who will one day go on to be independent and confident adults.


We will help you along the way with parenting struggles and triumphs we all share with an in-depth focus on special needs parenting.  Each child is different & each person will approach parenting differently, the common thread is that all children will go through phases of development (some faster or slower than their peers) and we need to be there to support them and ourselves on this most magical of journeys.  It's all okay, it's hard sometimes, but you are not alone.


Every family has their own struggles, some more visible than others, we at Kids On Hudson urge all parents to give other parents the benefit of the doubt.  It's so very easy to judge a set of circumstances, but if you see a fellow parent out there struggling, give a thumbs up or a word of encouragement - It might just be the best thing that will happen to them all day!  


Stay tuned for more great parenting tips!




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